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Before you decide to apply for a place for your child, we strongly recommend that you read the brochure and make an appointment for a guided school tour during school hours. School tours can be arranged with the enrolment officer. In all cases admission decisions are made at the discretion of the Principal.

Selection Criteria

Pre-School children must be aged three or older and fully toilet trained. Preference is given to younger children because it is important that they complete the three year work cycle to adequately prepare them for Primary school. When selecting children for places in Village Montessori School, we intend to enrol those children whose families we consider will be a best fit for our Montessori School.

For Primary school enrolment preference will be given to children who have completed a minimum of two years at a Montessori Pre-School. In isolated instances we will accept a child who has little or no Montessori experience but this will always be after careful consideration by the Enrolment Committee and after assessment by a directress. The iintention is to keep the number of non-Montessori children to no more that 10-15% of the class numbers. Montessori Pre-School prepares the children for Primary in many ways. For example, children learn to respect the equipment, and become used to working alone constructively. Montessori Pre-School also helps children learn to handle themselves and their environment. Primary builds on these skills but it does not teach them. This is why it is hard to accept a Montessori novice into a Primary class. Older children transferring in from Montessori primaries and secondary schools located elsewhere including overseas are welcome. Places will also be provided for siblings of students currently enrolled at VMS. The sibling should nevertheless have the required two year minimum Montessori Pre-School experience.

Children with Montessori backgrounds who have attended mainstream schools since leaving Montessori Pre-School may apply if they attended their Montessori Pre-School until they were six. An enrolment decision will depend on the eligibility and suitability of the child. In this case the school requires the child to visit for two days to a week to give the directress a chance to assess how well the child appears to cope with self-directed learning and the multi-age grouping.
High School students are assessed on their academic ability, independence and their ability to work in a self-directed manner. All prospective High School students are assessed on their social skills and their ability to work in a close community.

Family Commitment

All primary caregivers should attend a parent interview as Montessori education is most effective when a child's caregivers understand and co-operate with the long-term

Parents and caregivers need to show understanding of the Montessori philosophy of teaching and fully support its methods. They need to agree to support the VMS staff.
Parents and caregivers need to be willing participants and fully support all initiatives of the school in fundraising ventures, working days, parent education evenings, equipment
making and social events. We are very happy for parents to indicate their own particular skills and preference for areas they would like to assist with.
Parents and caregivers are expected to communicate with the school and the teachers in an open and reasonable manner.
Parents and caregivers need to acknowledge that every place in the school can be reviewed at the beginning of each year. Compliance with the Terms of Enrolment is also


Special Needs

The Enrolment Committee reserves the right to limit the number of children with special needs to ensure we can meet the needs of that child as well as the needs of all other children in the class.
If there are any circumstances (including medical conditions or disability) that require special consideration by VMS, please inform us by separate letter attached to this application.

The Application Process

For any potential pupil to be considered we must receive a completed application form accompanied by a copy of the most recent academic report as well as any therapy or relevant medical or professional reports and recommendations. We cannot proceed with the application until we receive your forms. Parents are strongly advised to submit the application form as early as possible because enrolment date is a factor in establishing priority in the event of a shortage of places. Young children may be placed on the waiting list. It is important that younger siblings are also enrolled as soon as possible.

Parents will be notified by written invitation of the dates and times that the child is required to attend an assessment. Prior to the assessment date the non- refundable application fee of R1500 must be made. Students are assessed for two consecutive mornings, giving sufficient time to ascertain whether or not the prospective student will thrive in a Montessori setting. Assessments take place in the Montessori environments. Preschool children need to be fully toilet trained, three years of age and emotionally ready to follow basic verbal instructions and have a basic understanding of English. They will be required to demonstrate and display the potential to cope and adapt into the Montessori Pre-School environment. Parents will be notified in writing of the results of their child’s application in the week following the assessment and are asked to notify the school either verbally or in writing of their intention to accept the place within the week. If your child is accepted, the Good Faith Deposit is payable within the time stipulated to secure their place in the school.

Should the child be accepted, parents will also be invited for a parent interview. The interview is held with both parents/caregivers, the Village Montessori Enrolment Committee and the Principal. This is a platform for both sides to explore expectations and suitability. The Enrolment Committee considers a number of factors but the key considerations are the suitability of the child to the Montessori environment, level of family commitment to the Montessori Method, welfare of the school and smooth transition for the child.

Allocation of Places

Selection will be based on a variety of factors. These include application date, the child's history of learning in the Montessori environment, the child's overall suitability, willingness of the family to participate in activities to support the school and the ability of the Enrolment Committee to make places available for siblings. The Enrolment Committee retains the right to make all enquiries necessary to obtain information which may assist it to reach a decision in any particular case. All enquiries will remain confidential. Confirmation or denial of placement into the school remains ultimately at the discretion of the Principal.

Where the number of applications exceeds the number of places available, Village Montessori School (VMS) may, at the discretion of the Principal, give special preference to siblings of a pupil already at VMS.

Waiting List

A child's name may be placed on the waiting list at any time. From time to time we will contact families to request re-confirmation of their intention to remain on our waiting list. Please inform the school in writing if you should decide to remove your child’s name from the waiting list.

Miscellaneous Matters

If the Enrolment Committee discovers that an application contains a false statement, the Enrolment Committee may ask the Principal to reverse the enrolment decision to accept a child. In this circumstance the application fee and deposit, if already paid, would be forfeited.
Examples of situations that would be considered false statements (this is not intended to be an exhaustive list) are:
- If a child did not attend a Montessori school as is stated on the application form.
- Failure to disclose all information regarding a child's behaviour and educational needs at the time of application and interview or failure to disclose a change in circumstances following application and assessment. The onus is on the applicant to notify the school of any changes to any information relied

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